Monday, 7 July 2008

Today was the end of a two week long celebration of 5 years of Second life (tm)

Linden Lab (LL ) (tm), the company that supply the platform gave a speech at the start of the last day.

SL is a world that was made and delivered to its customers, known as residents by the compny as an empty world. Everything that you see there now was made by the people who live there, it is an amazing place, a place where you can live your dream, there are no limits except your own imagination. You can live on a desert island, in a spaceship, a highrise apartment, under the sea, if you can imagine it, you can do it.

Today we were told that we are pioneers, that means, in the words of LL, a bunch of misfits that ran away from the real world, and thanks for building it all, now we are going to give it over to real businesses.

I myself am only a small business owner in SL, I only give them just over $1000 a month. Does that sound far fetched, believe me its not, I make that back from renting out land to others to live on.

LL make thousands of pounds a day from the customers that they now say they dont need any more.

Well, I still love my life in SL, and I do not intend to let it go without a fight. This is where I start, with luck :-)